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Why Us?

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Discover How Our Home Care Goes Beyond the Basics with Exceptional Services

When choosing a home care agency, it’s important to know that not all providers are equal. Some are exceptional, and we pride ourselves in being one of these. Our passion for serving our community sets us apart. Our fundamental philosophy is about providing home care services exceeding the basics, giving our clients premium concierge care.

Our Hiring Process

We know how crucial it is to have compassionate, experienced, and professional caregivers, which is why we’re extremely particular in who we hire. Our specialist caregivers offer not just experience, but also demonstrate traits like compassion, reliability, friendliness, respect, and a commitment to helping the elderly.

Home Care Services Fremont

Our Approach

We take great pride in attending to our clients’ individual needs and preferences. Our caregivers are our employees who are trained, supervised, and insured. We pay attention to every detail to guarantee our clients receive a high standard of care and personalized service. We match our clients with the caregiver that best suits their needs, based on skillset, personality, and experience. To ensure we provide consistency and quality of services, we assign the same caregiver to the same client(s).


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Client Satisfaction

We acknowledge that service delivery is key to client satisfaction, and we seek to continually exceed your expectations. Therefore, we don’t require long-term contracts. We believe our outstanding services will keep you committed to us.

At Assisting Hands Home Care, our passion is providing the highest quality home care services. We go beyond the basics of home care by offering premium concierge care, and we match our clients’ needs with the caregiver who is the best fit for them. With our compassionate, experienced, and dedicated caregivers, we guarantee exceptional services.

Home Care Services Fremont